🇬🇧 DA Stereo — stereo pub and musical snacks

DA Stereo brings back a pleasure of music listening on quality equipment only. Isn’t the music a most valuable thing in our hobby?

  1. We love true stereo. You need not so much - a pair of speakers, an amplifier and a source (digital or analog). Multiple channels, subwoofers - all of this from the Evil one.
  2. We are preaching involving listening. A child that listening a fairy tale with a rapture - the true peak of a such.
  3. We must admit that golden age of home stereo has passed away. Purchase and placement of hi-fi stereo system in our houses is no longer a priority for mere of 10-20 years. iPods, web streaming services, music in smartphones is our reality. Since 2015 audio electronics makers shifting towards sound bars for home cinema systems, wireless speakers, tiny Bluetooth radios and headphones. Only a few remains in true hi-fi business adequately asking big bucks in diminishing market.
  4. True stereo could be affordable. There is a lot of sweets that were made in golden Hi-Fi era - we still have a handful number of devices that has very attarctive prices and still sounding great. To find, listen and tell about them - is our main mission.
  5. We respect the valuable contribution of people who made possible this wonderful stereo illusion. We adore scientists, unordinary engineers & talents who invented and implemented surprising audio solutions and projects.
  6. DA Stereo having a typical bar atmosphere: good friends and strangers, peacefull talks. A bit of naked dances & fighting happening too, so we have to take hotheads out to chill, but still bartenders will be happy to serve you & listen with empathy.
  7. DA Stereo remains the bar - bar counter places will never be sold for a money. Everyone can take a few shots or pints, introduce himself and meet anybody. Sellers are people too and we do expect interesting stories from them. All deals must be discussed in private. Intemperate dealers bugging people, making them feel non-comfortable by persuading unsolicited deals - expect to meet silent bouncers.

Join us! Please register yourself to start your discussions, tell amazing stories or drop in to the deep. Only respectfull attitude, no advertising! If you find something not easy to get - feel free to contact bartender or ask community.

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Welcome to a local Pub, with a delicious Audio Note menu available all day!

Since we are in a Pub, here is the brief overview of the menu in Engligh:
Almost all Audio Note music systems looks bulky and awkward. Well, speakers - simple boxes, separates - real coffins. But those are still having own charm.
Gathering information and discussing most awesome traditional and craft of various systems (or soft drinks), making a round of most favoriable booze for most well-turned recipes. Sticking neat photos, debating aspects - all that falls into the subject.

Audio Note OTO SE - by our own means one of the best sounding stereo amplifiers available for our living rooms. One of the most popular dishes in our bar, Last Purchase or A Solution to Audio Neurosis. This topic - appreciation & respect to it’s creators, assembly lines and marketing.
Development history, photos, tube rolling, biggest owners club in Russia with feedback and real life experience, tweaks and additives, Black Gates, dramatic love & hate stories. This hughe thread already became a Mexican soap opera about literally the best Audio Note budget amplifiers.

One of the biggest Russian Audio Note community. Sincere talks, slow moving drinks, hookah smoke. Meet & know each other, rolling calls, searching the roots or our AN decease. Topic about everything and nothing related to Audio Note at the same time. Loosing ourselves in finding real difference & uniqueness.

Audio Note DAC 2.1x Signature - golden mean, road end in it’s middle price & class. Rolling around this tasty Audio Note booze. In our famous stereo tour the device is carefully moving from hands to hands, while we are collecting feedback & reviews. Further down the line - tube rolling, tweaks, best matches. Success stories that changed lives or poisoning with complete disasters. Most interesting, hot & tasty stuff in one single place.

Cables - interconnects, power and acoustic is a game changers in many systems, including Audio Note. Somebody blaming & hate silver ones, bun in AN systems it plays at home. Which bargain cables AN owner should buy, which ones to avoid? Copper is enough or silver is a must? What is the damn best way to drink a tequila?
Welcome our cabling menu - Audio Note & Kondo connections.

Audio Note is not the same… It doesn’t have the same old natural sound, we missing it’s bio-dynamic - old people say. Old Audio Note faded away long time back - fresh minds assured. But what we can say for sure - moving to a new DAC IC (AD1865) we’ve got a sound paradigm change. Discussing nuances, tasting it’s bits, looking for correct gastronomic combinations. All naked truth about Audio Note DACs and will we ever have a third coming in the look of discrete R2R. Get you own answers here.

All speakers product line from Audio Note using 8” bass driver. Same stake or cutlet, but the final sounding difference is simply hughe! Debating on room placements, sorting out nuances, sending photos, chatting about sound taste from different places of production. We know for sure, hands down - it is nearly impossible to find a good replacement from traditional design acoustic. Prices can easily bite you, it is expensive, but yummy - true delicacy.

What’s inside this black box? Despite we do love blind tasting, favourite alcohol is individual. Choosing right amplifier, finding correct one in AN product line.
Phono-amp - same old fat, low calorie amplifier. What valves are most welcome for music?
What power cables is the best fit? Offering our fitness menu.

Saving on Audio Note, chasing Snell, JPW, Systemdek and Helius Design. What was the first - chicken or egg? Who found the sound secret and where did Peter Q. found his magic? Talking about precursor brands, saying our pockets and catch original sound.
These are aged wines, kind terroir and taste very nice, but available at discounted prices. Your Best Value!

Well, we can’t leave without provocative topic.
Sending white walkers to cut the window to granny Europe. Questions to ask and answers to get.
Sensational interview with Peter Q. on 2018 Munich Hi-End show (see below). Hope for continuation.

Black Gate capacitors. Best of the breed with it’s own special place from different asian spices. Having a “lost Holy Graal” status. Peter Q. is our Indiana Jones swore to give them back to our mortal world. Most delicious Audio Note only possible with them inside. Ascension to fourth and beyond levels only possible with Black Gates. Our black truffle, our precious. Doing archaeological dig, researching, discussing, analysing, worrying, waiting for, believing into.
Peter Q. - show us the miracle, return them to planet Earth!

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