Monster cable Z2 Reference Би варинг

Продаю по просьбе друга, кабель у меня. Отправлю. Цена 13999
Акустический кабель из 90х, чистая медь (не Китай!), сделан и куплен в США. Продавался только в США. Обладает нейтральным звуком и отличным разрешением на ВЧ, гарантированно добавляет и ускоряет НЧ.
Би варинговый 2 кабеля по 3м, очень тяжелый и толстый, около 5 кг.
Time Correct Windings with Monster’s Patented Magnetic Flux Tube for Increased Audio Accuracy

Z2 Reference features six bass conductors and several mid/high frequency conductor networks wound around Monster’s patented Magnetic Flux Tube®,specially designed to control distortion-producing magnetic fields for better clarity and soundstage. Meticulously constructed using Time Correct windings, Z2 ensures that low,mid and high frequency signals arrive at the same time for smoother , more natural sound and improved imaging.

MultiTwist Construction and Pex Dielectric for enhanced depth and Reproduction of Inner detail

Z2 Reference incorporates our famous MultiTwist construction,an ultra-tight winding of connectors resulting in enhanced sonic performance with superior noise rejection throughout the audio bandwidth. Combined with our specially formulated PEX dielectric,Z2 Reference offers incredibly low dynamic noise and startling realism in your favorite music and film soundtracks. You’ll hear details you never heard before – from nuances in vocals and dialog to high frequency detail like the rustling of leaves,to the low-end rumbling of the loudest explosion

Monster’s 24K Gold Contact, Precision Machined Connectors Maximize Signal Transfer

Z2 Reference features precision-machined Monster® pins, bananas, spades, or any combination for high integrity signal transfer with a tight connection to speakers and components. The 24K gold contacts provide maximum corrosion resistance for long term reliability.

Enjoy More Dimensional Sound from Your Speakers

Z2 Reference combines advanced technologies to accurately transfer audio signals to your stereo or home theater surround speakers, down to the last detail – soundstage, imaging, dynamic range and resolution. It offers precision performance that lets you enjoy music and films the way the producer or director intended.

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Серёг, а цена?

Сорян:grinning: 13999 руб

Шикарный кабель! Адекватная цена.

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Искренне рекомендую к покупке. Их Sigma-M уже года три как использую, желания поменять не возникало ни разу, хотя остальные компоненты подросли за это время.

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[quote=“Vano699, post:4, topic:2438, full:true”]
Шикарный кабель! Адекватная цена.
[/quote]Ну да…Есть такое дело…
Моноваринг, конекторы неродные, с другого копеечного монстра (Пава Лайн) цена 23000 :grinning:

Скажите, а фото кабеля есть? Особенно там где бананы. Или у него лопатки?




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