Teddy Pardo TeddyCap

Продам уникальную коробочку.

Альтернативный блок питания для Naim.
Заменяет собой или FlatCap или HiCap.

Влияние оказывает колоссальное и по мнению многих, блоки от Тедди играют лучше оригинальных!

А стоят несравнимо дешевле.

Мало того. Блоки питания от Тедди не нуждаются в профилактике как старые блоки питания от Naim.
Тем более, продаваемый образец был куплен новым в 2017 году.

Краткое описание:

The TeddyCap can replace a single Hi-Cap, or a FlatCap in order to power Naim equipment. It can be used to power Naim preamplifiers such as NAC32.5, NAC42.5, NAC62, NAC72, NAC102, NAC82, NAC202, NAC282, Naim integrated amplifiers such as the Nait and Supernait, and CD Players such as the CD3.5, CD5, and CD5x. It can also be used to power phono stages, headline, active crossovers and many more.

The TeddyCap is an improvement over the HiCap/HiCap2/DR, which is achieved by using a superior design and high quality components to provide the best possible sound quality.

The design is based on the experience gained with the original TeddyCap mk1 and mk2, and provides even better performance.

In general, you’ll experience more clarity, tighter bass, more detail, better dynamics, natural voices, better soundstage and PRaT.

For more information about the TeddyCap family of power supplies read here…

The TeddyCap is equipped with a high quality 5-pin cable, replacing the Naim black SNAIC-5 cable. This cable is made of silver plated PTFE insulated wires. The cable capacitance is around 13pF/ft, and its resistance is also very low, around 10 milliohm/ft.

Так же, можно посчитать реальные отзывы!

“The shipping was Perfect, i test both PSU five days –the DualTeddy sounds perfect, better than the Naim Hicap DR, So I will sell my N-Hicap DR.”

“All arrived in good order, too easy, and a few days in now. I was unsure about how much of a difference it would make to my NAC72. The answer is that all the positive feedback on your website is spot on. I (still) cant believe what a better power supply can do. It has definitely given the music that bit of extra life.”

“Just to let you know that the Teddycap arrived today safe and sound. Thank you for the excellent and fast service. The unit is working fine and I am very pleased with it. Best value upgrade I have ever had.”

“I just cant believe the difference your psus have made to my system, there is more detail and clarity Im hearing things not previously heard on tracks I thought I knew well. The bass is more articulate and controlled and the whole soundstage is extended to the extent the speakers seem to vanish the room is just filled with sound.
All this after 3 days and it continues to improve !!! If you close your eyes its easy to imagine a vocalist is in the room as voices are so natural. feel free to use this for promo material if you wish I would recomend you to anyone without hesitation. Thanks again for all your help.”

“It is up and running. Extremely impressive!!! Already obviously an improvement on my Hicap2. Huge one. My sl2s finally sound like I didn’t spend too much on them. Thanks a lot.”

“First I’d like to say congrats and thank you for making these decent power supplies of yours! I recently replaced an old FlatCap2 with a MK3 version of your TeddyCap, and was very surprised by the improvements. Being smaller and noticeably lighter, I wasn’t sure what to expect… but it’s clearly better all around and they’re great value for money considering the cost of a hi-cap.”

“I expected so. The power supply is excellent, a massive step up from the Naim Flatcap2X I was using previously. I appreciate the power supply will improve further as the burnin continues. It really is a great product. Thank you.”

“Thank you for Dual Teddy Cap. It have made a revolution in my system!
It is absolutely neccesary for the cd5xs, and also improves nait xs sound,
I can not belive that such a small thing makes such a difference !”

“My first impression of the TC is, how could one manage without one earlier?? A real lift to the experience, this one is a keeper!”

"As I’m performing and also listening mainly to acoustic jazz/world music and melodic rock genres, after the Teddy Cap became a part of my system, there was a huge increase in details, mainly in guitar/ piano and percussion sounds. Also the soundstage became a bit wider and deeper.

Very interesting thing happened in bass spectrum, there was a very slight drop in whole lo freq.band, but the bass went a bit lower and much better controlled. Typical example is Avishai Cohen’s acoustic bass, which was a bit boomy on my plain Nait and almost unlistenable on HiCap/NaitXS combo, but on Nait/Teddy Cap it was smoother, rich in tones and with more presence and small details.

Everything I’ve mentioned above became more apparent after some break in period of intense playing and I’m absolutely satisfied with the sound of my system.

As a performing flute/woodwind player/singer and member of more or less popular Czech music bands ZOO, Dick O’Brass, Bran etc. (you may see references to our last studio album here http://indies.eu/us/alba/1127/nocni-hlidka/?idn=1) I’ve recorded at various studios and venues in CZ and abroad. I’m very sensitive to system I’m listening to and to acoustics of room. I’ve tried a lot of unuseful crap in my home studio and hi-fi system and I’m always glad to see products that work and make the positive impact on music. And that’s definitelly a case of your PSU."

"Thank you for creating such a fine product.

I’ve never before purchased audio equipment based on reviews and other peoples feedback so for the first time ever with audio equipment I took a leap of faith and am very, very pleased I did even though I know you provide a “no quibble 14 day full refund satisfied or return policy”

Your TeddyCap is superb and it’s not even ‘run-in’ yet!

As merely an amateur enthusiast when it comes to audio I don’t go out of my way to articulate sound, I just know what I like after many years of listening to many systems and combinations thereof (like millions of other audio enthusiasts all over the world). The difference this time is that even my wife and teenage kids noticed and liked the difference where they normally don’t notice and/or don’t care.

So my ears thank you, my wife and kids ears thank you, and my bank account thanks you.

You have a great product and excellent service."

“My Teddycap arrived yesterday – a mere 10 days after ordering it! You may remember I asked if it would reduce the legendary hiss of my NAC 72. Even when switched on straight out of the box, the Teddycap immediately eradicated the hiss. Now I know what is meant by a black background.”

“I finally received the Teddycap yesterday and could test it with my Nait XS. What can I say : Whooouuuw. It is superb, It rocks more and better, live feeling is better, it’s fantastic. I was sceptic but I was wrong. Congratulations - Good job. For sure I will by a PSU for ND5 XS , it is only a matter of when.”

“Finally had time tonight to integrate the TC3 into the set up. It was a f*** me moment i can tell you. Was good, now MUCH better. This little box is awesome. Well done mate…”

“The Teddycap just arrived, and I’ve tried it in place of the Sabre PS. It’s absolutely miles better - everything is so much tighter, there’s more depth & space around the notes, and the music escapes the speakers much better too. Thank you Teddy, it’s just wonderful and I’ve been smiling ever since hooking it up. It’s definitely a keeper - I can’t imagine you ever get a return after hearing it.”

"Hiya Teddy :slight_smile:

Well I’ve had the TC3 up and running on the Nait XS since the 15th. Thought it was time for the verdict…

I’m not someone who usually buys blind but in the case of the Teddycap I struggled to find anything resembling a negative comment anywhere on the internet, and believe me I did the research.

The nearest I could find was a couple of guys who preferred the HiCap. Their argument was that anything other than a Naim PS would dilute the capabilities of the system and rob it of its inherent Naim-ness (?). Total piffle in my opinion. There is absolutely no downside to a Teddycap. It simply improves everything. I could drone on about the vastly more tuneful bass, the sweeter mids and highs etc but you know all this already.

My take, and the reason I love this little power supply, is that everything just sounds more real and intelligible. The music is simply better and vastly more believable. Everything just flows effortlessly. I could easily have spent 10 times the money on some bogus “upgrade” and still be no closer to the soul of the music.

So thank you Teddy. Rest assured when the time comes for an XPS it’ll be the Teddy variant that I order."

“I received the 4pin DIN cable yesterday and the TeddyCap MKIII is now attached to my Supernait. I did not think the sound of the S/N could get much better, wow! The vocal detail, sound stage, bass, and overall purity of the music has been improved dramatically. The sound improvement was immediate and if there is improvement with run-in time I’m sure I’ll be even happier. You truly offer a great product at a great price and I am 100% pleased. Thank you for your dedication to the craft of making good amplifiers and pre-amplifiers sound fantastic”

“Had the Teddycap for about a month now and am very happy with it - might be the most cost-effective upgrade I’ve ever had! No down-sides, just a clearer sound.”

“The sound from my humble Nac 72 and Nap 140 is astounding! The focus and control over my little studio monitors is vastly improved. Bass is tight and completely out of proportion to the tiny boxes it is emanating from. It is a wonderful, musical sound. In short, I am thrilled I purchased a TeddyCap! Thank you for supporting the Naim (and hi fi) community with your ingenuity and excellent products.”

“The improvement to the nac112 is not subtle. Thank you so much, and keep up the good work. I will be back soon for an xps.”

“bought a teddycapIII for my NAIT XS recently which is superb. I was actually slightly disappointed with it’s sound as compared to my other amps (nait 5i, Krell400xi and modded 6550c valve) untill I connected the TCIII. Now my girlfriend is jealous because of the time I spend listening to music:-).”

“I have been testing PSU for my Supernait over the last few months. I managed to borrow an old olive HiCap for 4 weeks - Then a Dual TC for a weekend. I do not need a DTC for the Supernait, but the dual has the same internals for a single TC test.”

"To my ears & in my system the TC-III & HiCap sound is similar but there are clear differences in 2 areas. The bass area is were both PSU’s show the most obvious change over a bare Supernait. The TC-III has no noticeable weight gain in the upper bass regions but does have nice progressive gain towards lower bass giving an impression of better & deeper bass. The HiCap bass is at first more impressive throughout the whole bass range. But with my system it became tiring on bass heavy material at higher volumes. "

"The second main difference is the more open natural & airy presentation. The TCIII appears to be slightly better in this area, maybe less veiled & maybe closer to the stage front than the HiCap. But in all other areas the changes are +/- the same. Both make good improvements to Supernait, better stereo & improved textural detail, simply just more realistic. Final point is (IMO) the TC-III does not change the Naim “sound” any more than does the HiCap; If anything the famous Naim PRaT is even better. "

Данный образец в идеальном состоянии без следов использования. Как новый. Полный комплект!
В комплекте фирменный Snaic 5 на 5

Очень рекомендую попробовать этот блочок на своем Нейм! Гарантирую отвисание челюсти! :slight_smile:
Во всяком случае, на моем бывшем Naim 5x прирост музыкальности был таким, что от музыки хотелось плакать… Без шуток.

А теперь, посмотрите на цену и сравните с аналогичными блоками питания от Naim…

А цена этого красавчика… 450$ и торг до победы!

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