[ПРОДАНО] Мат для проигрывателя винила

Продам аудиофильский мат для винила Anniversary Gold Spot Ringmat.
Разработка Denis Morecroft (DNM).
Состояние - как новый.
In 2012, we were delighted to announce a revised version of our best selling Anniversary Gold Spot Ringmat called the “Real Ale” version. This primarily involved a change in the paper we used, to one containing beer grains instead of cotton. This happily occurred because the paper we had been using from the very beginning of Ringmat suddenly no longer became available due to the closure of the paper manufacturer we had been using – we say “happily”, because when it happened there was great concern whether we could find an alternative paper that would provide a level of performance to that which we had enjoyed for many years; in the event, the “Real Ale” paper was even better for making Ringmats, but it was thicker and therefore could not so easily be used for the thinner Ringmats, especially as the thinner paper that had been used for the Ringmat 200 and 250 was also no longer available”.
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P.S. Диаметр мата 240 мм.
5 тыс. руб.

4 лайка

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