Oyaide OCB-1 SX V2 дистрибьютор питания

Продам новый дистрибьютор. Сетевой Black Mamba 2m. Вилка японо-амариканская .


Нуууу… 20000

сойдемся посередине

не открывался

Ладно подумаю…

думаю , в личку , если что

17500 за новый , не распакованный дистрибьютор


А вовсехкабелях 45 стоит


Была необходимость подключить несколько девайсов , поэтому открыл для разовой акции
Поэтому , 15000 руб
Могу принять на обмен цифровик AES/EBU с моей доплатой или плюсануть межблоком AR

Добрый день :relaxed:
Вы располагаете информацией чем отличается первая версия от второй?

Добрый .
Вообще не смотрел, если честно )).

Вот так нашел
Блин , не то , секунду

Потерял ссылку (
Короче , в блэк мамбе сменили проводник на какой то другой
Во ! поменяли на “прецизионный проводник 102SSC” и все , похоже

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“OCB-1” series which continues long seller more than 30 years as main product of oyaide.
The easy-to-use cable integrated type, the wide variety of variations according to the situation, and the stance of never releasing the hand of evolution are the reasons why the “OCB-1” series continues to be loved for a long time. And among successive “OCB-1” series, “OCB-1 SX” which appeared in 2008 as a concept with natural sound has gained immobile popularity as a new standard of power supply tap from its overwhelming performance.
However, in 2013, with the end of supply of PCOCC-A conductor, “BLACK MAMBA” of the cable sent out runs out. Unsurprisingly, the “OCB-1 SX” is on the verge of completing production.
However, in 2014, that lifeline is inherited to “OCB-1 SX V2” by precision conductor “102SSC”.
The structure of “OCB-1SX V2” inherits the original model as it is, in order to inherit the concept of the original model that was examined and completed. Please use the “BLACK MAMBA V2” with the precision conductor “102SSC” directly as the cable to make sure you enjoy Oyaide’s confidence with a new taste.

What is the precision conductor “102 SSC”

  • As a result of advanced manufacturing control, conductivity is 102.3% IACS (at the end of copper stamping)
  • In order to avoid contamination of impurities as much as possible, only virgin copper containing no recycled copper is used among coppers conforming to JIS C1011.
  • We adopt natural diamond die to improve surface smoothness of wire
  • 100% removal of impurities attached to copper by peeling
  • Eliminates mechanical stress and strain of strands in annealing process over 2 degrees
  • Wire made with processing accuracy of ± 1μm far beyond standard error tolerance ± 8μm
  • Thorough product management including manufacturing control figures, maintenance, and shipping days

What is the peeling process of the precision conductor “102 SSC”

Usually, removal of impurities raised to the surface is carried out by cleaning, but “102 SSC” scrapes the surface in μ units and removes 100% of impurities raised to the surface by mechanical peeling. There is no such thing in the world that this peeling process is used for the copper wire for electricity, and the processing technology that Japan is proud of can be obtained here.

Click here for more information on precision conductor “102 SSC”

Product features

  • The basic structure is a newly developed power supply tap “OCB-1 SX V2”, which inherits the first generation “OCB-1 SX” and adopts “BLACK MAMBA V2” with precision conductor “102 SSC” as a cable.
  • Cover the cable sheath with a PET mesh sleeve (black) to enhance vibration damping.
  • Attach the “OCB-1 SX V2” nameplate to the power plug and specify the V2 model.
  • Attach the P / C-029 SPECIAL EDITION (mirror surface buffing electrode) to the power plug.
  • The outlet has built-in SWO-NT SPECIAL EDITION (mirror surface buffing electrode).
  • The electrode of the outlet / plug removes the plating and embodies the original sound of the material.
  • The outlet / plug electrodes are barrel-polished and hand-buffed and mirror-polished one by one by a craftsman.
  • The case material is based on high rigidity engineering plastic material “PBT GF 30%” and contains carbon to eliminate EMI noise.
  • High rigidity design with a thickness of 4 mm using a monocoque method for the case structure.
  • The outlet is firmly fixed to the column raised from the bottom of the case, and the vibration is quickly propagated to the case and damped.
  • The 13 mm diameter legs are provided at the four corners of the bottom of the case to reduce the contact area between the floor and the main unit, thereby suppressing resonance with the installation location.
  • M4 threaded holes are provided on the legs, and optional items ( OSP-SC / OSP-SS / OCB-BS / INS-BS ) can be screwed and fixed.
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Кончится тем , что себе оставлю ))

У меня из этой серии топ есть, абсолютно нормальная штука для 4-х девайсов.