Mytek Clef — на клеф не намажешь 🍞

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По usb не работает.

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Угу, щяз.

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Квазианалоговым :slight_smile:

Я вообще сомневаюсь в необходимости оснащения подобных девайсов аналоговым регулятором.

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Надо же еще чтоп играло!

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На соточку дешевле Блюдака, но там АК4490.

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Mytek ответили на некоторые вопросы, возможно кому-то пригодится.

Корпус прочный прецизионный пластик, литиево-ионный аккумулятор, высококачественный PKB (чтобы это не значило). Переключение треков по нажатию на ручку громкости (just as on iOS headset double click forward triple back), если имеется пульт на наушниках, так же должен корректно работать. Девайс можно слушать и заряжать, одновременно.

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Ну что в остатке?

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Никто не знает, их только с этого месяца начинают рассылать :slight_smile:

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Я долго мял писю и в результате слилсо :pensive:

Sad but True…

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воистину не намажешь

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Не, нуачо, как всегда виноват китайский новый год :slight_smile:

Юра молодец, не стал тянуть, надо попросить его поделиться впечатлениями когда получит девайс.

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Yes, definitely.

First apologies to whoever tried to contact us and didnt get the reply. We are in and working, just very busy. Inquiries and phone calls are being answered all day with the US office in Brooklyn servicing clients in the US and tech support being answered via ticketing system internationally. We try to answer all email but sometimes things fall through cracks. If this happens pls try support ticketing system or phone.

Mytek has been established in New York in 1992 and now has a sister Company in Warsaw, Poland who assembles most of Mytek equipment there and also services distribution in Europe. Some equipment is made here in the US (Amp) and Manhattan and Brooklyn metal work is also made in the US.

Clef is a brand new product category for Mytek. Up until now we have built electronics in metal boxes ourselves. Clef is a consumer plastic product made in China. We have announced it a year ago and recently we have announced Clef will finally be shipping in February. The reason for such leadtime was us gaining experience with manufacturing in China while maintaining quality standards.
As of today we are still waiting for the first shipment from China which was already supppsed to happen but got delayed until after Chinese New Year. So today it does look like we may miss the Promised delivery in February by a week or two. I will know more on this next week.
We have a nice amount of orders placed and all the clients who placed the order will receive them very soon. I will confirm here the exact date when we will start shipping. If anyone is unhappy about delay and doesnt want to wait more we’ll be happy to issue a refund when contacted.
Clef is a great sounding portable DAC with unique features such as MQA. We have designed it to match a lifestyle of a person who likes to bring their quality music w headphones everywhere and who also seeks high grade features such as MQA, 384 k, or DSD which can be used in a demanding stationary setup w USB.

I’ll be happy to answer more QQ

Best Regards, Michal at Mytek New York

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Название темы оказалось пророческим.
Запуск отложили до осени! Китайцы :wink:

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@fdm прозорлив, но недоговороспособен

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а в чем прикол-то? в дизайне? и всё?