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(Сергей) #1013

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Забьем на британский хэппи хардкор до более лучших времен

Новый EP Harry Griffiths. Настоящее rhodes piano



SoulEtiquette Radio Session 094

new year, new radio, new vibes, new features, same passion!
Welcome back to Souletiquette Radio! for 2017 & you damn sure we did miss you guys too! for radio 094 we just wanted to show our gratitude and appreciation towards every single creative, artist and producer we have worked with in the last year, to the our listeners and to anyone rockin’ with us at any stage of this amazing journey. thank you!

As always I will be bringing you new soul//RnB//trap and hip hop vibes, selected and mixed for your listening pleasures. Repost, share, and spread the good vibes to the world. As always peace and love.

Selected & Mixed by Abi Scorpio


RNB вечер продолжается

неплохая кстати сборка


рэтро фьюча новинки за февраль 2017


  1. Sunglasses Kid - Can’t Hide Feat.Miranda Carey 00:00
  2. Future Fate- Midnight Haze 04:34
  3. Sunglasses Kid - Runaway Feat. SJBRAVO 07:51
  4. Slvmbr - Qwerty Woman 12:46
  5. DataDrive - Hellrider 16:22
  6. FEARCITY - Midnight Run 19:13
  7. Flux Gemini - Andromeda 21:33
  8. Michael Weber - High Financial Risk 28:08
  9. A Space Love Adventure - Forest Chase 31:46
  10. Toxxify - Eternal Sacrifice 35:00
  11. ALEX - Teenage 38:46
  12. Don Dellpiero - Lights in the Sky 42:07
  13. Slicarus - Flamingo Feat. Vampire Step-Dad 46:58
  14. ULTRABOSS - Autostrada Mezzanotte 51:03
  15. Isidor - Soldier of Fortune 54:57
  16. Mono Memory - Voyager 58:27
  17. Night Raptor - Flashback 1:02:02
  18. Brandon - Vice 1:05:41
  19. Freeweights - Close Call 1:09:58


The Code - Same People

B JYUN - b l i n d

DUVV - Waters (Prod by Hae.)



Castelluzzo - Love (2017)


Chuck Sutton - Hypnotize (Feat. Triplets)

NtrlTaste - Gloss


Of Methodist чувак из Сингапура

Glass Baptism


на разогреве Apollo Brown and Skyzoo


DJ Vadim - Fussin N Fightin ft Demolition Man

Dj Vadim - Ruling Sound ft Courtney Melody / Taiwan MC



техно живо до сих пор
Savas Pascalidis



Invite’s Choice Records



This all-vinyl megamix celebrates 20 years of Gescom featuring one track from every record they’ve released plus some gems from somewhere else.

Is it Autechre, Bola, Rob Hall, Russel Haswell or more? Or all of them? You never know what’s in the next Gescom release. But you can be sure it’s always obsure, acidic and funky as f***.

  1. tba from Mini Disc album
  2. Puzl from The Sounds Of Machines Our Parents Used EP
  3. Viral from Split EP w/ Ad Vanz
  4. A1 from A-B EP
  5. D1 from C-D EP
  6. Phonok (Vacuum Party Mix) from Phonok EP by Passarani
  7. Keynell 3 from Keynell EP
  8. Motor 3 from Motor EP
  9. Pelt (Velocity Kendall Remix) from This EP
  10. Chunge from That EP
  11. Boogie Down Bronx from Mask 500 Compilation
  12. Eddie Fresh (Gescom Dub) from Eddie Fresh EP by Kid Acne
  13. R Zee Oner Panix from Skull Snap EP
  14. Mag from C&D EP
  15. Khala (produced by Gescom) from Llanga EP by Mira Calix
  16. Slow Acid from ISS:SA EP
  17. Sciew Spoc from Gescom EP

(Саша) #1031

Где ты этих Invite откопал. Давно такого кайфа не слышал. В духе CLR все. Жестко, четко, технично