Кассетная дека Naim, которой никогда не было

Also from the UK there was the still-born Naim Cassette Deck. Based on Neal Ferrograph mechanics, this one did without any noise reduction whatsoever, NR being deemed by Naim’s Julian Vereker as too much of a compromise for ultimate sound performance. It was a great sounding recipe; Top quality heads and transport, minimal facilities, ultra-short circuit paths combined with Naim’s expertise at perfecting amplification circuits. Those lucky enough to have heard this machine still speak in awe of it’s sound quality, making even a top Nak sound a bit slow and leaden. Sadly, development took so long that by the time it was ready, CD had pretty much taken over, so Naim’s R&D resource was concentrated on perfecting that medium instead with the Naim CDS as the result.

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Чего только нет в этом вашем интернете http://www.tapeheads.net/showpost.php?s=f0b202f0b1f84b927e34d5b1dfcd85f4&p=51500&postcount=19

Если бы выпустили, то цена сейчас бы штурмовала ценовые рубежи, как и Naim FM-приемник

А вот тут более подробно разбирают движки Neal Ferrograph и незапущенную деку Naim

Модели Neal 302 и Neal 312 вполне можно найти, вот только восстанавливать их явно будет некому :no_mouth:


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