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Интересно так отслеживается история перехода на 1704 по кишкам. То старый б/п, то другая цифровая, то даки 63.

эволюция, мать ее

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Вот, что он ответил про сравнение с 192:
All the upgrades were plug-in modules, no soldering required. I bought this from the USA actually, I was not the first owner. I liked the sound so I went and bought their 192 flagship.
The two sound very different actually. The 296 is liquid and laid back and darker like a typical pcm63 DAC. It is warmer, and vocals are noticeably further back. Though the 192 has a cleaner background with better separation, both have a very big stage with excellent imaging IMO. The 296 has satisfying bass, with good quantity and quality, while the 192 is flatter reference sound.

296 has a nice romantic aura around the notes, and 192 is more clean and modern. 296 is quite colored IMO.
192 has amazing clarity, matching the Gustard X20 I used to own. 192 is a very reference sound signature, and sounds more like a modern DAC.
Technicality wise, 192 is better, but not by a huge margin. The sound signature difference is day and night though.

Вот ещё информация:

October surprise:

The first prototype of the Model 296 I auditioned in the summer of 1998 included the DAC/analog board from Muse’s Model Two-Plus processor, paired with incomplete I2S input circuitry and a rudimentary digital filter algorithm (this last intended only to serve as “proof of concept” for 96kHz playback at Hi-Fi ‘98 in May). While this early unit sounded good, the steady sonic gains following the installation of the master-mode I2S in August, and then the fully developed 8x-oversampling 96kHz digital filter in September, upped the 296’s CD performance to close to the best I’d heard by that point—not to mention what it did for 24-bit/96khz discs. Perhaps that’s why I was so floored by the significant further improvements I heard when the final-production 296, with its new DAC board, arrived the first week of October.
The DAC/analog board is the same size as its counterpart in the original Model Two (to facilitate upgrades), but there the similarity largely ends. Once Kevin Halverson decided to use two DACs per channel in a balanced topology that made rejection of digital-based common-mode errors a top priority; he had to first select the specific complementary components to implement the chosen circuitry. Then, a critical, time- consuming calibration process was developed and applied to each 296 to compensate for variations in real-world tolerances and other idiosyncrasies through an iterative, multistage trimming process.
Though I listened to several other excellent processors, the Muses’ only close competitor for playing CDs was Sonic Frontiers’ superb Transport 3 and Processor 3 (T3/P3). After reviewing the SF units for Stereophile (October 1998), I compared them to the earliest prototypes of the Eight/296; though those rudimentary versions were close in some respects, they definitely fell short of the T3/P3’s awesome transient definition, dynamics, and low- level resolution.

But in digital audio nothing stands still. Comparing CDs through the production versions of the Muse system and a level-matched T3/P3 combo — the SF flagships still sounding their utterly gorgeous, seductive selves —the tables were turned. The Eight/296 now got the nod in the areas of accurate transient definition, image focus, resolution of harmonics, and localization of instruments. What still boggles my mind is that it was T3 and P3 themselves that had set new standards for me in these very areas just last summer. These were by no means night-and-day differences, but neither were they difficult to hear on my system, even when listening through their respective S/PDIF connections. The more complex and demanding the material, the more apparent these subtle variations became.
Muse Eight DVD/CD transport & 296 D/A processor

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Это выдержка из стереофила. Мы не просто так тут сидим на 296м, у кого он есть). Финальная версия прекрасна.

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Предложение Naim DAC

Это наш гражданин мы его знаем Продам Naim Dac.

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Акустика Epos ES11 за 16100 руб.
Хабаровский край, Амурск

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Хорошая акустика, слушали?

была такая, звук показался каким-то “странным”… а вообще у MUSE по всем версиям модификаций столько, что двух одинаковых в руках держать не доводилось, а я их передержал штук 8 наверное

For Whom How.

Там больше вопросов к аккаунту Авито))) свежий очень и стабильные продажи по две вещи в день)))

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Хорошая. Но 11-е это совсем мелкие полочники, и главное - чтобы они показали на что способны им нужен мощный усилитель с хорошим током и слабым влиянием на обратную ЭДС катушек ГГ. То есть - как правило дорогой. В разы дороже АС. Но тогда, в небольшом объёме, они могут показать такое, на что способны немногие.

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Я думаю это мошенник.Человек имеет фото оборудование а фото с телефона. Проданные Товары сомнительный ассортимент. И фото объективов обрезанные по причине логотипа в углу. Имхо.

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Так что, кто в Муз банде?

Dcs p8i CD/sacd player - 170 т.р.

Audeze LCD2 за 20000. Но из " дальнего города ".


это в юмор

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Нечастый гость April Stello за 35

Mark Levinson No 36s за 900EUR
Sony MDR CD 3000 в нормальном состоянии Casque SONY MDR CD 3000 "The Prince" Audiophile Vintage, bon état. | eBay

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Это мой. Тут не выставил ещё. Но если что в баре отдам дешевле.

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